Do not go to the market with an undersized or oversized brewery !

Let your brewery evolve with your sales from Go, Boost to Top:



1 brew of 75l per week

Yearly production 40 hl/year


Fermentation : open, manual, local



3 brews of 75l per week

Yearly production : 120 hl/year


Fermentation : closed, atmospheric, manual,
assisted by Streetbrewers' monitoring



2 brews of 300l per week

Yearly production : 300 hl/year


Fermentation : closed, pressure, full automatic

Advantages :

  • industrial automation (incl. cleaning), robustness & quality
  • portable & compact, minimizing footprint
  • user friendly for non initiated brewers (punctual interventions such as place/remove ingredients )
  • repeatability over all the breweries of the Streetbrewers community
  • upgradable in capacity (bringing you from pico 40hl/y to micro level : 300/y)
  • modular & evolving with latest available practices and knowledge
  • customer experience maximized through design and interactive app's

From prototype to product

Here is a short demo of our early protoype